Friday, 15 June 2012

MeMeMe Little Angels Collection

At the end of last week while surfing the net I came across a groupon offer for a cosmetics brand called MeMeMe Cosmetics, I had heard of them before but never tried out any of their products. They are a company which sell high end type products for a much lower price tag (always good to hear)available online and in superdrug. The groupon offer was £18 for £45 to spend on the website which is a great deal.

I bought a variety of things but this review is going to be on the Little Angels Collection which are very reasonably priced dupes for a few Benefit products.

First thing which caught my eye was that the packaging is very sweet and girly which I love. On the back of the box it says,

"This adorable collection of Little Angels is ready to give you an added flush of colour whatever the occasion or skin tone"

All four of these come in 12ml bottles, which when opened have a brush just like nail polish and simply brush onto the skin to be blended in with fingers or a makeup brush.

Beat the Blues Moonbeam is a light pearly pink toned highlighter, you use it by applying it to the top of cheekbones and the brow bone for an iridescent glow. 


This colour really suits a pale or blue skin tone and brings a slightly shimmery pearlescent brightness to the complexion it is not glittery at all but just seems to catch the light perfectly and create a glow. Another way to use this highlighter is to mix a small amount with foundation or tinted moisturiser if you like a really dewy  and glowing complexion.

Beat the Blues Sunbeam is a shimmery gold highlighter which reminds me alot of Benefit high beam. This is used the same way as Moonbeam.

This lovely golden colour looks great on a slightly warmer skin tone as it brings a shimmery sun kissed look to the skin. This also looks amazing when mixed with a foundation because it gives that lovely golden glow which will look perfect for summer.

Both this and moonbeam have a nice creamy workable consistency to them and they don't dry out the skin either which is great if you have naturally dull dry skin like me.

This is a cheek and lip tint which you use by putting a few strokes on cheeks or lips for a nice pink flush.

This is an almost perfect dupe of benefit's posie tint, it is the exact same colour (light pink and pretty) and a very similar consistency. The thing I like about this colour so much is that it is buildable and natural looking on my pale skin. As I was swatching this colour on my hand I got distracted for a few minutes and when I went back to remove it it wouldn't budge at all. So my advice to you with this is blend quickly unless you wand a line along your cheeks. They don't call it a stain for nothing!

Pussycat Lip and Cheek tint is a stunning deep red colour which is used the same way as Poppy tint.

I know this looks like a scary colour to be putting on cheeks but it has a very  runny watery consistency which means that once is is blended it only gives a lovely rosy tint nothing too dramatic at all. Although I will give the same warning with this as Poppy, on cheeks blend quickly!

Overall I am really happy with this purchase, it is so pretty and I will use all of these products again and again!

MeMeMe Little angels collection £15


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