Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

My skin has undergone a slow subtle transformation in the past few years from my oily teenage skin to the quite dry skin I have today. Because of this the foundations I was using before seemed to cling to my dry skin far too much so I decided I need a change.
After many hours of researching blogs and reviews on drugstore foundations (I’m working on a bit of a budget) to try out I finally decided that Bourjois Healthy mix foundation was the one which seemed to meet my particular skin needs. 

I bought shade 51 light vanilla because I have very pale skin all year round and it is a very good match for my skin tone. It is also available in shade 52 vanilla and shade 53 light beige. It boasts it has apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple for anti oxidant and ginger for energy. I’m not sure about these claims but the fruity ingredients have given it a very subtle and pleasant fruity scent which is really nice.
The texture of this foundation when you first pump it is very creamy and light, it feels expensive and blends beautifully into the skin with almost no effort. It gives a light to medium coverage which is buildable and leaves skin with a gorgeous radiant glow without looking shiny.
 I do feel like I have to use quite a few pumps of this foundation to cover the whole of my face which is a slight drawback but at around £9.99 for 30ml you can afford to be more generous with it than some of the more expensive foundations around. It also claims to have 16 hours of wear which is a bit optimistic although if you set it with a powder it does last really well for the price.
All in all this is a great product which I highly recommend if you are looking for a high quality drugstore foundation. It is available in the UK in Boots, Superdrug and online at

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Make Up Academy Professional Eye Palettes Review

Last week after doing a little research I bought some Makeup Academy products and this review will be on the MUA Professional eye palettes. I bought five of these, there are six in total but the Heaven and earth Palette was out of stock so I will pick that up at a later date. 
So here goes The first palette is the Glitter Ball.

This is a gorgeous palette with lovely shimmery colours, they are not overly glittery though but have a definite shimmer to them which is probably better as glitter tends to get very messy. My favourite colours are the two pinks on the left hand side mostly because I suit pink shades. All the colours go on very easily, they are nicely pigmented and feel creamy when wearing them.

 This palette is a good mix of colours my absolute favourite has to be the dazzling deep blue sparkly colour on the bottom row, third from the right which I have been using as more of a glittery eyeliner. The colours are all extremely pigmented and so easy to blend. They are also gloriously shimmery which I love.  This palette has a few silvery toned shades on the left and a few slightly pink/lilac shades also. The greys and blues would be perfect to create a really stunning smoky eye effect.

This palette looks much more matte than the others but at a closer look it is a little shimmery. The colours are very minimal and subtle and so it is very difficult to build us a strong colour with them. They are nice if you are just trying to add a little hint of colour to your make up. If you are looking for bold colours then this if not the right palette for you. Some of the shades are really good for highlighting though and also for using as bases.

The first thing I thought when I picked up this palette was “wow those colours are bright” and they are. They are mostly a mix of turquoise blues and purples with a couple of others thrown in there too. The colours are pigmented to the max and go on so strongly. They have a slight shimmer to them but not too much. These are not the kinds of colours you would wear all the time but if you are going out and looking for a really bold look then this would be the perfect palette for you.

Starry night is packed with shimmery silver and grey colours but also has a pink and purple in there for a little extra colour. These are less pigmented than some of the other palettes and go on lighter with less of an intense pay off but they still look pretty on. They are perfectly blendable to create a gorgeous evening smoky eye effect.

All the palettes came with a double ended sponge applicator which I personally will never use but they seemed good enough quality. The majority of the colours last for around the four or five hour mark which for a £4 palette is pretty good, much longer than expected. Using a primer doesn’t seem to give them much more wear but maybe that’s just me. I didn’t expect to get such good quality eye shadows at such a low price. I would have liked the individual colours to have had names as I always like that in a palette but that is not a big deal really. These are a definite must have, for £4 each you can’t really go wrong.