Thursday, 1 March 2012

Birthday Boxes on a Budget

Well the holidays are well and truly over and it’s getting into birthday season once more. This year I decided that since two of the most important birthdays come around in February (Sam, aka my best friend and my mum) that I would try something a little different.
I am on a major budget this year as I am not currently working and am also moving house in the next few weeks so I decided I would show I care by giving them each a few small presents. This idea quickly evolved into making up a basket hamper for each of them but when I saw the cutest gift boxes in a local card shop I decided a gift box hamper was the way to go.
I wanted it to feel a little like Christmas for them when opening their gift boxes so I layered the presents with some nice shredded tissue paper interspersed with birthday confetti.
This is what I got them both in the end.

My mum is a big reader so for the bottom layer of her box I got her a book which I have heard a lot of good things about. She is also a science fiction lover so this seemed perfect for her.

In the top layer to her box is Thornton’s chocolates, Assorted Fruit Soaps, Pink grapefruit shower gelPink grapefruit soap and Sweet lemon soap all from The Body Shop. My mum has very sensitive skin so I made an effort to get her very gentle products.

This is the finished product. I love the glittery box because it is so pretty and she will be able to keep it to store things in which is always a plus!
On to the second box!
The bottom layer of Sam’s box has a mini bottle of her favourite wine, and some sweets from back when we were young.

Every girl loves a nice bar of Galaxy.

For the third layer of this box there is a cute sparkly shoe key ring and a manicure kit both from Claires. There is also a Lipgloss from MUA in shade 4 and a Nail polish from MUA in shade 8. .

On the final layer of this box there is a Beauty UK Palette in the shade pastels, two Beauty UK Pearl Liquid Eyeliners in number 4 blue lagoon and number 6 purple haze.  

This is the finished product for Sam. Again a lovely box which can be reused.
I really hope they both like their gifts.