Sunday, 29 January 2012

Soap and Glory Review

I have always been quite keen to try out some of the products from Soap and Glory as I seem to have heard nothing but good things about them from friends and family, so I was delighted when a got a bundle of products for Christmas this year. I have now been using them for a few weeks and I now feel I have been using then long enough to give a fair review. So here goes.

Hand Food from Soap and Glory

This smells so nice and feels very luxurious when using it. It is creamy and smooth going on to the hands and feels so moisturising. After a day or two of using this product I had no dry skin and even my nails felt stronger. For me this is one of the best hand creams out at the moment and I am definitely going to buy more when this one runs out.

Shower Puff from Soap and Glory

I desperately needed a new shower puff as my old one had gotten a bit loose and just old. This was a perfect replacement. As I unwrapped this at Christmas I remember smelling it and thinking it smelled amazing! I’m not sure if it was because it was amongst the rest of the Soap and Glory products but it was still nice none the less.
Flake Away Body Polish from Soap and Glory

I’m not a big user of body scrubs at all but I gave this one a go. As always it had that gorgeous pink smell and unlike some scrubs the grains were very tiny and not too harsh on my skin. If you like body scrubs this is a particularly good one but personally I would not buy it again just because I know I wouldn’t use it.
The Righteous Butter from Soap and Glory

This product is very nice, it is everything it claims to be. After a shower it feels amazing to cover myself in such a nice smelling body butter. It also mousturises skin without leaving it feeling oily. If I have one negative to say about this it’s that it does seem to take forever to massage into the skin.

Clean On Me Shower Gel from Soap and Glory

This is the last and also my favourite product in this review. This stuff is AMAZING! It smells sublime, it moisturises skin as it cleans and it feels like I’m being pampered as I use it. I love this shower gel and will be picking it up many times in the near future.


  1. thx, interesting products....i think i give the scrub a try :)

  2. I have a trial size bottle of the Clean on Me Clarifying Shower Gel, and I love it. I will be purchasing a bigger bottle of it before I run out of the trial size. :-)